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Crumbling Paper: An Archivist's Nightmare

Conservation in the Real World: Part 2

In our last post, I shared a very inexpensive way to avoid using costly museum archival boxes. Today, we’ll be talking about the materials used to wrap, pack, or support an object while it is in a box. It really is a big deal! It isn’t a good idea to wrap your treasured family heirlooms […]

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Conservation in the Real World

In the museum industry, we revolve around our collections. Most museums do. I think all museums should. The other stuff – events, tours, exhibitions, etc – is important too, but the collection is where the rubber meets the road. It is a universal belief that museums have “old stuff”, right? The Mysterious Old Stuff Museums […]

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Museums Have Never Been Neutral, But They Should Be

Museum Neutrality There has been a gathering storm of support for the idea that museums should not be neutral. “Museums Are Not Neutral” has been popping up all over the internet, on blog posts, and even on T-Shirts. At it’s most basic level, the Not Neutral position suggests museums have never have been neutral anyway, […]

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Cabinet Card by Lock Whitfield (Reverse)

The Problem with Old Photographs

I can’t begin to tell you how many photographs are in the typical museum collection. Any museum, if it is anything like ours, has buckets of images from any number of time periods. This post is about how hard it is to identify old images. To say it is really hard, perhaps, is an understatement. […]

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What is a museum?

It’s a bigger question than you realize. Still, we are a species that enjoys classifying things; putting things into cubbyholes. So let’s live up to our socio-biological programming, shall we? Let’s define “MUSEUM”. What is this thing? According to the International Council of Museums (ICOM), a museum is… A mouthful. According to , a museum […]

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Chai Today, Gone Tomorrow.

Collecting Stuff From Today:
Contemporary Collecting

As we were talking about photographs in a previous post, I thought I’d bring up another issue. Contemporary Collecting Contemporary Collecting is defined by the BHM as “the process through which museums identify and acquire contemporary tangible and intangible culture in order to pre-emptively fill anticipated gaps in museum collections.” The basic idea is “get […]

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Museum Are Closed

The Closed Museum Blues

The Brenham Heritage Museum is closed. 21 inches of rain can flood a building and cause the business doors to be closed, its true. Flood a basement, destroy a bunch of drywall, ruin an otherwise useful space… until repaired, that is. The thing is, it isn’t as easy as all that. Insurance is there to […]

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Our Business Operations Have Moved.

** UPDATE ** We are maintaining business operations in our new exhibit space at the Brenham Bus Depot located behind the Brenham Heritage Museum at 313 East Alamo Street. Sorry, We’re Closed. The Brenham Heritage Museum is currently recovering from flood damage and will be closed for renovations until further notice. Check back soon for […]

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